EPIEPI is the continuation and reshaping of my photographic work EPI, which in turn already represents the continuation of my work “Mit Haut und Haar”. In this case, EPI forms the physical raw material (in the form of a photographic print) that initiates the artistic design process. The preceding work therefore forms the basis for the subsequent work. Here, EPIPEPI is therefore the third generation and hence also a further “evolutionary stage” of a self-generating work. The digital hybrids of the work EPI are layered by means of analogue collage technique, as in an onion. The scalpel exposes partial snippets of these individual tissues and textures. These withdraw themselves further and further from perception’s traditional canon of forms, but at the same time complement one another to become a new repertoire of slightly eerie dermavisions. These layers and surfaces and overall compositions can, in turn, become new raw material for the further artistic creative process. The work’s complexity increases with every stage. It becomes, in the truest sense of the word, multi-layered. The principle of conversion and reshaping can start over.