Photographs, collages, extractions, additions, sketches, explosions. In Odo Hans’s catalogue “Body becomes Body”, works from the years 2016-2019 are shown. Subject: The human body. Constructions of the Self. Starting from an original work that serves as a blank, Odo Hans develops an ever-more complex oeuvre of artificial body images, consisting of catalogues, prints and video works. These representative media are both end and starting products of his thing-associating and body-generating interventions. Doodling, dissecting, scorching, gluing, piercing gets done. Body works are buried and celebrate their resurrection. The catalogue “Body becomes Body” is a reference of these processes, and a further object of artistic explorations to come.

New collages

The catalogue Body becomes Body becomes the object of further artistic interventions. The approached designs, themselves already collages, digital hybrids, sketches and many more things, are cheerfully recombined and expanded by new strategies from other projects, by symbols, incisions, oiling, gluing and spontaneous colour gestures. The complexity of the body as a whole continues to increase.